Last Update: 03 Jun 2018
  • COMPLEX is European research project. Its objective is to build a holistic framework for designing heterogeneous and complex systems. This is done by combining sophisticated industrial tools. Starting with a model driven design entry virtual systems are created. These systems allow a fast estimation of timing and power dissipation. Simulation results are then analysed and influence the exploration of the design space.
  • NEEDS is a research project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF). Goal of NEEDS is to create a design process for nano-electronic 3D systems. Despite the design process itself, possible interfaces between tools are also considered. However, focus of NEEDS is on developing methods which are able to use the new degrees of freedom with respect to floor planning, place&route as well as interconnect. Explicitly considered is the thermal behaviour of the overall system.
  • The SystemC/Simulink Tool Kit allows using SystemC modules inside a Simulink simulation environment. The tool kit was developed during my master's thesis.
  • The OFFIS bus interface is a generic bus interface. It allows changing the bus architecture, without modifying the master and slave components. For this purpose several transactors have been developed, which map the generic interface to the interface of the used bus architecture. Currently supported are the ARM AMBA, the IBM OPB, as well as the WISHBONE bus.