Last Update: 03 Jun 2018
  • Ganggenauigkeit (Accuracy) is a LibreOffice Calc document for determining various characteristics of mechanical watches or movements. Over a longer period of time, a mechanical watch is observed and its time is noted in comparison to a reference clock. The document then calculates various characteristics of the movement from the recorded data, such as, e.g. accuracy, gait deviation, middle gait etc. These data are also shown in different diagrams.
  • Rotary-Cup.de is the homepage of the Rotary-Cup. The website provides information about the charity tournament, which is hosted by the Rotary Club Lehrte-Burgdorfer Land on a regular basis. On the page you will find all the information about the participating teams, the partners and the supporting program. It also informs about the various donation recipients in whose favour the Cup will be held.
  • HarmonyLogo is a script for creating images for the favourite channel of remotes from the Logitech Hamony series. The channel icon of a TV or radio station is placed on a suitable background image. The icon is automatically scaled and it is possible to apply several effects to the icon.
  • Submarine Exploring Swarms was a project at the University of Oldenburg. Within one year an autonomous underwater vehicle has been developed and built.
  • Aim of the 80C32 Snake project was to implement a hardware-based, snake-like game. Input is given by the user using a usual PS/2 keyboard. As display a LED-matrix is used. Both, the keyboard adapter as well as the LED-matrix where given. The remaining system, including hard- and software, has to be developed and build.
  • A simplified version of the European Train Control System (ETCS) has been realized using Lego Mindstorms. Autonomous operating engines are running on a track, following a pre-calculated schedule each. A central controller, communicating with the engines via infra-red signals, permits and grands access to specific sectors, preventing the engines from accidents.
  • RallyTactics is a java-based strategy game. Aim is to direct a robot to different checkpoints located in a factory. Not only assembly lines, compactors and lasers must be considered. The movements of the other robots must also be taken into account.
  • PIN allows splitting telephone invoices, available as files, into single invoices – one for each person who’s using the phone. This is useful in a multi-person household, where only one telephone connection is available, but each person has to pay the telephone on its own.
  • SSD is a daemon, which allows the shutdown of a system using a simple calliper. This is useful for systems without a keyboard or similar. The daemon requires a small calliper, which can be built easily.
  • JBoris is a java-based IM-client for the BORIS-protocol. JBoris allows sending messages via a network easily. Messaged can be send to different persons simultaneously, allowing some kind of a chat. JBoris can be configured in miscellaneous ways, to fit your personal needs.
  • A simple compiler for the programming language PL/0. Additionally the package contains a small program for interpreting the created byte code.