Last Update: 03 Jun 2018
Oktober 2016 – heute

The website rotary-cup.de is the accompanying online information site for the Rotary Cup. The Rotary Cup is a beneficial soccer tournament taking place every three years. The tournament is organised by the funding association of the Rotary Club Lehrte e.V. and the support of various sponsors and partners. The Rotary Club Lehrte-Burgdorfer Land will use all earnings from the cups for a good cause.

The website is the central contact point for obtaining information about the up. The site previously informs about participating teams, the supporting program as well as the overall procedure of the event. With the advancement of the event's preparations, the website is extended with more and more details information. After the event, the website will provide information about not only the game plane of both tournaments, supporting program etc., but also about individual game results als well as places of all teams. An image gallery shows impressions from the cup.

Another important point in a charity tournament are, of course the, the donor receivers in whose favor the Rotary Cup will be hosted. These are also presented on the website. Following the evaluation of the Cup, the overall result of the event and the individual donation totals will be published.

Such an event is only possible with the support and commitment of many volunteers. These do not only support the planning and organisation of the Cup in advance, but also help with the event itself. Important for the success and of course for the amount of the donation sum are many partners. These not only support each cup financially, but also provide the prices for the raffle. They too are mentioned in several places on the website.

Hompage des Rotary-Cups 2017

The website of the 2017 Rotary Cup


The website is implemented using the CSS framework Bootstrap utilising a responsive design. The design facilitates a rendering on different devices ranging from desktop computers to compact smart devices with small screens. Using a fixes navigation bar at the top of the page, all functions and sections are directly accessible. For each Rotary Cup, a separate sub-page is implemented, containing all relevant information for that particular event. For example, a count down is shown in the run-up of each cup. This functionality has been implemented using jQuery.contdown. Internal links utilise jquery-smooth-scroll for scrolling to the particular section.

Symbols and icons come from the FontAwesome font library. For displaying the image gallery Lightbox2 is used. Social media buttons are embedded via Shariff.