Last Update: 03 Jun 2018
April 2004 – April 2005

RallyTactics is a java-based strategy game. Aim is to control a robot via different checkpoints located in a factory. Not only assembly lines, compactors and lasers must be considered. The movements of the other players must also be taken into account.

Players get so called programming cards, which can be used to program the robot. If all players have programmed their robots, execution of the programmed movements starts. The robots execute their program step by step, even if they are moved, rammed, or affected otherwise by the other robots or the factory machinery respectively. So the behaviour of the machinery as well as the possible movement of the others player must be considered when programming the own robot.

If a robot is hit by a laser it suffers damage. If a robot has too many damage points it is defect. This means, that certain programming cards burn to ashes. They cannot be changed by the player, but they are still executed by the robot. If a robot has nine damage points, is driven into a cavity, or is stuck in a compactor it is destroyed and the player starts again from the last checkpoint, reached by the robot.

On their way through the factory the robots can collect different items. E.g. a shield, protecting the robot from laser beams, battering rams, which can damage adverse robots, or emergency breaks that prevent the robot from driving into a cavity. Particularly mean is the remote control, which allows the robot to override the program of the other robots. These do not execute the program given by their player, but the program that is executed by the robot using the remote control.

The player who reached the last checkpoint first wins the game.

The game leader, who opens a game, can choose from a set of different maps. After choosing a map, the checkpoints must be placed on the map. The game leader can also decide if the robots have lasers or not. Additional he can decide the time available to all players to program their robots. If a game is opened by the game leader, other players can join that game. The game leader chooses the players he wants to play with and starts the game.

RallyTactics New Dimension was created as part of the software project 2005 at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg.

The members of the project team
The team (move the mouse over the image to see individual names)
  • Thomas Weißmüller
  • Kathrin Dannmann
  • Timo Birnschein
  • Lennart Tautz
  • Hendrik Thamer
  • Frank Bahlmann
  • Nina Mühleis
  • Melvin Isken
  • Katrin Mewis
  • Stefan Janacek
  • Kai Hylla
  • Jan Christian Halfbrodt