Last Update: 03 Jun 2018
September – November 2002

JBoris is a Java-based IM client for the BORIS-protocol. JBoris allows in a simple way to send instant messages over the network, allowing users to chat with each other. The program can be configured in various ways to fit the user's personal needs.

Text-based emoticons can be replaced by graphical smilies. Some of them are animated. A sender of a message can define the colour it should be shown. The time a message is received is also shown. Messages can be sent to a receiver who is not on the receiver list by simply typing the receivers name before sending the message. Unknown senders of received messages can be added to the receivers list automatically. Awkward sender can be added to an ignore list.

JBoris does not need a server. Messages are sent directly to the client. However it is possible to use a server. It will act like a mailing list. Forwarding incoming messages to the users currently registered at the server. JBoris logs on and off at the server if it is started or exited, respectively.