Last Update: 03 Jun 2018
September 2011

HarmonyLogo is a script for creating icons for the favourite channels on the Logitech Harmony remote series. The script places a channel icon on top of a suitable background image. Scaling and placement is done by the script automatically. It is also possible to add effects like a drop shadow or a background glowing.

The ImageMagik tool suite is used for image modification. Different background images are required, depending on the type of the remote. These images are available at the Harmony-Forum (German) for the Harmony One or the Harmony 900, for example. Channel icons for TV and radio stations are available at Wikipedia. In order to obtain good results, channel icons should be available in a scalable format that also supports transparency. Suitable is SVG or high-resolution images in PNG format. The later ones should have at least the resolution of the desired background image.

Overview of Background Images and Effects

Effect Harmony One (Diode)
Background image
Source: Just-A-Nick
Harmony 900
Background image
Source: Kevin
Harmony 1100
Background image
Source: aulit
none Hamony One (Diode) without effect Hamony 900 without effect Hamony 1100 without effect
dropshadow Hamony One (Diode) with drop shadow Hamony 900 with drop shadow Hamony 1100 with drop shadow
outline Hamony One (Diode) with smooth outline Hamony 900 with smooth outline Hamony 1100 with smooth outline
outline2 Hamony One (Diode) with strong outline Hamony 900 with strong outline Hamony 1100 with strong outline
glow Hamony One (Diode) with background glowing Hamony 900 with background glowing Hamony 1100 with background glowing
relief Hamony One (Diode) with relief effect Hamony 900 with relief effect Hamony 1100 with relief effect
box Hamony One (Diode) with box effect Hamony 900 with box effect Hamony 1100 with box effect